Fire hydrant clean-up duty

How the tables have turned 🙂

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Party Poopers

I wonder if that means literally?

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In a dog’s perfect world

doggie door for a car

What every dog wishes for.

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But bath time not da same wit out rubber duckie

You can’t deny a dog of his rubber duckie.

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da pad is smaller than da rug

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Why Me?

The look on his face says it all.

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What’s his name?

He won’t say!

Cartoon courtesy of

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But I gots ta go potty

Funny dog dressed up

I guess his owner never thought of that.

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Dis wud makes a good bed…

puppy in a shoe

Dogs appreciate the simple things in life 🙂

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Bestest buddies foreber

bow wow buddies

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Camouflage canine

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Is dat food on yur nose?

Puppy chow?

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doggie jackpot

Every dogs dream. Like winning the doggie lotto.

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Pepe never could figure out why all the other dogs ran away from him

Pepe the skunk dog

Poor Pepe. Looks like someone has played a bad joke on him.

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Whats brown and sticky?

I can think of another thing that is brown and sticky.

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