» The Top 14 Super Powers Most Coveted by Dogs

The Top 14 Super Powers Most Coveted by Dogs

  1. Invisibath – The power to disappear at the first sound of bath water.
  2. ViseHump – The leg hump grip of steel.
  3. AquaField — Immunity to bucket of cold water when copulating in driveway.
  4. Keetvision– The ability to shoot laser beams from your eyes to blast that damn Frisbee out of the sky.
  5. SuperBladder — Loaded with Toxi-Urine — One lift of the leg and this town is mine!
  6. SquirrelFreeze.
  7. AnalTelepathy/ButtSniffery – Two powers which when combined allow one to smell another dog’s butt without actually having to get up and move around.
  8. John-O-Matic – Turns any toilet bowl into a punch bowl by sheer force of will.
  9. ChuckSpeed – Ability to catch that friggin’ Wagon Train.
  10. Anti-Psych-Out – Immunity to all that “fake throw” nonsense.
  11. VacuCalm – Utter self-control whenever the vacuum cleaner is turned on.
  12. GucciTract – An invincible digestive system that sustains itself entirely on designer shoes.
  13. King Fido’s Touch – Everything you touch turns into crap.
  14. And the #1 Super Power Most Coveted by Dogs…

  15. DoberMorph — Ability to change into a Doberman anytime someone rolls up a newspaper.

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  1. Marcia Says:

    funny I enjoyed this, will sehd to faceboodk

  2. james bengraham Says:

    I have a dog and can cofirm : My dog has all these powers 🙂

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